Jana & Vlad

How difficult it is to film and take photos at the same time? Short answer is, if you have time, then quite easy. If someone asks to film and photograph their wedding day, then probably i will choose on or another. Otherwise the results will suffer.

On Jana and Vlads wedding day we had plenty of time, only the weather didn’t cooperate. It was raining couple of times and it was cloudy all the time. That day I had to shoot portraits and also film it. موقع ٣٦٥ الرياضي I haven’t shot many wedding videos, to be precise, it was the second time. But it was a good time for practice. عدد اوراق الدومينو And talking about practice, I had to speak Russian because Jana and Vlad are from Ukraine. العاب بلبل About 15 years ago, I could speak Russian fluently. However, while living in Saaremaa, special practice in this field is unfortunately not possible, tends to be forgotten. When talking with the newlyweds, it was good to practice Russian again.

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